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Buying Sheet -  December 2017

Due to extreme market volatility 
these numbers are guidelines only.


bulk wheat pennies:     1.4 cents & up (more for special dates)

Indian pennies:             .25 - 1.00 (more for special dates)

90% silver; 40% silver; war nickels; and foreign silver ... please call for quote. (216-570-5569)

Bullion Silver, Gold, Platinum and Paladium: based on daily spot ... please call for quote. (216-570-5569)

Morgan Dollars: (1878 -1921) $12.00 - $24.00 + (more for special dates)

Peace Dollars: (1922 - 1935) $13.00 - $25.00 + (more for special dates) 

Some Special Date Coins ... (with no problems)

1909 S-VDB penny:         $300 & up

1916-D mercury dime:    $300 & up

1932-D Wash. Quart.      $35 & up

1932-S  Wash. Quart.     $35 & up

1921 Walk. Lib. Half       $175 & up

1921 Peace Dollar           $60 & up

1928 Peace Dollar           $150 & up


-- GOLD COINS: $1190 to $1350 PER TROY OUNCE (more for special types & dates, prices are subject to extreme fluctuation) 

-- SCRAP GOLD: Senior Coin Service pays 70% of gold value!

-- MINT AND PROOF Sets, Silver Certificates & Other Paper Money, Foreign Coins & Currency … ask for quote.

-- WE BUY ... dental gold, gold and silver jewelry, sterling silverware, sterling candlesticks etc., stamps, pocket watches, pocket knives, fountain pens, men's leather jackets & coats, swords, bayonets, firearms, ammo, electric guitars and amplifiers, straight razors, zippo lighters, unopened bottles of liquor, original art work and higher end prints, juke boxes, slot machines and just about anything else that is interesting or unique. (One customer had a 1909 Cuyahoga County Phone Book. How interesting! You never know what you might have that is worth money.)


Senior Coin Service
Free Appraisals
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Latest comments

01.11 | 19:38

I have a 1923 $20 gold coin I wish to sell. I believe its in good condition. No ware around the edges. I wish to make an appoint. Phone number 216-551-4058.

22.09 | 13:31

No charge. I do free appraisals, and I will come there. Call me at 216-570-5569. Dean K.

22.09 | 12:38

Is there a charge for you to come out to home to offer advise on coins?

18.09 | 12:52

Gilbert, it's worth AT LEAST $1200, probably more. Call me at 216.570.5569 and we can take a look at it at my office on Broadview Rd. Or I can visit you.

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