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Should I Liquidate My Coins?

What are some things to consider when thinking about liquidating your valuables? To liquidate something means to take a non-spendable form of value, and convert it into a spendable and / or more stable form.

Why stable? Because owning coins, like any other valuable, is a speculation. For example oil and airline stocks are worth less than they were in 2019. Gold, cash and government bonds are worth more.

To determine the best course of action consider these questions:

Do I still enjoy owning these items?

Am I an active collector?

Do they give me a feeling of financial security, or a pride of ownership?

Do I have a place to safely store my valuables?

Do I need to un-clutter my house?

Do I need to simplify and unclutter my mind?

Do I prefer the money in my hand?

Would I rather own something else instead of these coins?

Do I need the money?

Is there something good and/or important that I can do with the money?


Senior Coin Service
Free Appraisals
Contact Information