Should I sort my coins?

Should I search and sort my coins before meeting with Dean?

The very rare and valuable 1955 double die Lincoln Penny.

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You may if you wish, but it is not necessary. We will do that when we are together. You may refer to our Buying Sheet to do a preliminary search for some of the special dates that people often have (also see below). But I have seen people spend much time organizing what did not need organizing. For example all silver Roosevelt dimes are worth silver value only. Most wheat pennies (with a few exceptional dates that we will check for when we are together) are worth bulk market value.

Whenever I go through a collection there will be two general categories: those coins that are worth more than their face value due to metal value or collectors' value, and those that are worth face value only. In the latter category are things like bi-centennial quarters, Kennedy Halves after 1970, Susan B. Anthony Dollars and Sacagewa Dollars pulled from circulation. Many people save them because they are not often seen in circulation, but they are face value only and I will suggest you spend them. The same is true of most Ike dollars pulled from circulation, though you do occasionally find one that is 40% silver.

* One area where sorting is helpful is with Proof Sets and Mint Sets. Please put them in date order if you have the time.

If you enjoy sorting through coins look for the following:

Wheat Pennies: 1909, 1909S, 1909VDB, 1909SVDB, 1911S, 1912S, 1913S, 1914S, 1914D, 1915S, 1922, 1922D, 1931S

Mercury Dimes: 1916D, 1921, 1921D, 1921S

Walking Liberty Havlves: 1916, 1916D, 1916S, 1921, 1921D, 1921S, 1938D

Silver Dollars: Morgan Dollars with CC mint mark (the mint mark will be found at 6:00 on the reverse) Again, refer to our Buying Sheet for other special dates.


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01.11 | 19:38

I have a 1923 $20 gold coin I wish to sell. I believe its in good condition. No ware around the edges. I wish to make an appoint. Phone number 216-551-4058.

22.09 | 13:31

No charge. I do free appraisals, and I will come there. Call me at 216-570-5569. Dean K.

22.09 | 12:38

Is there a charge for you to come out to home to offer advise on coins?

18.09 | 12:52

Gilbert, it's worth AT LEAST $1200, probably more. Call me at 216.570.5569 and we can take a look at it at my office on Broadview Rd. Or I can visit you.

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