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Should I Liquidate My Coins?

What are some things to consider when thinking about liquidating your valuables? To liquidate something means to take a non-spendable form of value, and convert it into a spendable and / or more stable form.

Why stable? Because owning coins, like any other valuable, is a speculation. For example airline stocks are worth less than they were a year ago; houses are worth more.

To determine the best course of action consider these questions:

Do I still enjoy owning these items?

Am I an active collector?

Do they give me a feeling of financial security, or a pride of ownership?

Do I have a place to safely store my valuables?

Do I need to un-clutter my house?

Do I need to simplify and unclutter my mind?

Do I prefer the money in my hand?

Would I rather own something else instead of these coins?

Do I need the money?

Is there something good and/or important that I can do with the money?


Senior Coin Service
Free Appraisals
Contact Information